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Welcome to my online guitar lessons review blog, where I will help you to find the best online guitar lessons for beginners.

Want to learn how to play to become a Musician? Or want to become an Instagram celebrity by doing cool electric guitar shreds? or how about learning a few songs to impress the girl that you have a crush on?

Well, you have come to the right place. This website has all the most effective internet based guitar tuition guidelines that you need to know to transform yourself from a regular guy to a face-melting shredder. Plus, as you can tell from my website URL, everything is newbie friendly.

WebsiteFree TrailSkill LevelBest FeaturesDetails Review


Beginner to Advanced
  • Step by step lessons
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Large Collection of Lessons
  • Review


    Beginner to Advanced
  • Live Lessons
  • Guitar Community
  • Ideal for Intermediate Players

  • Review
    N/ABeginner to Intermediate
  • Lot of free content
  • Expenses on Promoted
  • Add up Quickly
  • Review

    Best guitar lessons online

    Thanks to the rising popularity and improvements of the internet, you would have no trouble in finding best guitar course online. Even then, since this would be something completely new that you would be dealing with, you might be slightly hesitant as to which one to go for. After all, you would not like your money to go to waste. It would be for this reason that we have compiled some of the reputed best online guitar lessons for beginners reviews. We have done a comprehensive research so that you would be able to get a clear and concrete understanding. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

    Guitar Tricks

    Website:Go To Guitar Tricks
    Suitable Skill Levels:Best suited for Beginner to Intermediate players
    Price:Full Access membership $19.95/mo
    Free Trial:Yes, 14 days


    Song Library:Website is mobile-friendly

    Even though the name does not give much away, you would be able to find a world of interesting content and video lessons. In other words, this has been termed to be one of the best learn-from-home guitar lessons website. If you would be one of the best guitar learning websites for newbies and would like to start from scratch, this would be the way to go.

    With more than 11,000 video lessons that would be taught my experienced professionals and spanning almost all genres, you would not be able to find anything to complain about. In fact, according to the people that have used it, all the programs and curriculum has been organized in such a way that you would have no difficulty in getting started.

    A highlight of this online course would be the Core Learning System. This would be a structure that would start with the basic concepts and then move on to the intermediate and advanced ones. So, if you would just be starting out, it would be recommended that you begin with this system. You would then find yourself to be an expert right before your eyes.

    Another thing which we really seemed to like about Guitar tricks was the transparency of the free trial. In this way, you would be able to give it a go before having to decide if it would be worth your money or not. Even then, you would have to prepare yourself for the emails that they would send you persistently, telling you to purchase their program and get started.


    • The feature of Core Learning System would indeed be a great choice for you to learn guitar
    • It has been found to be way more organized and updated than the other guitar learning websites
    • A huge and diverse library, including individual lessons about playing the guitar parts
    • Library for the backing track which is being provided in different keys and styles
    • Lesson videos have been found to be simple and straightforward
    • Ability to download the video lessons
    • Simple and nice website.


    • It has been found to be better suited for intermediate players rather than newbies
    • Slightly limited online catalog.

    Despite the minor drawbacks that we have outlined, there would be no denying the fact that it would be one of the best guitar lessons for kids as well. Judging by the membership price that you would have to pay monthly, this would undoubtedly be the best deal that you could get.

    Justin Guitar

    Suitable Skill Levels:Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


    Free Trial:N/A
    Song Library:Yes, dedicated YouTube channel for learning songs
    Mobile-Friendly:Yes, all video lessons are hosted on YouTube, and his website is mobile-friendly
    WebsiteGo to Justin Guitar

    In the world of guitar courses being conducted online, this man has managed to create quite a fan following for himself. When you would log on to YouTube and search for him, you would be able to find him hosting two of them. Amongst them, one is considered to be the main one which would focus on technique and theory.

    In terms of categorization, you would find that Justin does a pretty good job at it. For instance, if you would consider yourself to be a Beginner, then you could simply head over to the section. On the other hand, if you would like to focus your efforts more on learning different techniques, then you would be able to find a dedicated section for that as well. It would also be worth mentioning that his website would be compatible with mobiles. So, if you would like to learn something while on the go, you would easily be able to do that.


    • Absolutely free with no hidden costs being charged
    • A skilled and knowledgeable guitar player teaching you all that you need to do
    • A universal platform being provided thanks to YouTube.


    • Would not be ideal if you would just be starting out
    • Lack of depth found in some of the lessons
    • Limited variety in terms of specific lessons or genre.

    Hence, it would definitely be worth mentioning that you could give Justin Guitar a try. After all, there would be a good reason that we have rated it as best guitar lessons online. While you would definitely have to bear with some advertisements, there would be a lot that you could learn from here.


    Suitable Skill Levels: Best for Intermediate and Advanced players
    Price:Monthly-$19.95, Quarterly-$49.95, Yearly-$159.95
    Free Trial:Yes, 7 Days
    Song Library:


    Mobile-Friendly:Yes, offers app for iPhone & iPad
    WebsiteGo to JamPlay

    This would be another best guitar curriculum online that you would be able to get. By featuring over 5,000 lessons on guitar, it has been termed to be one of the most inclusive guitar instruction programs that you would be able to get. Starting from country to heavy metal – you would be able to get it all.

    That is why when we were going through the user reviews, we were not at all surprised with what people had to say. Thanks to there being such a diverse range available, chances of you complaining would be zero to none. In addition, the presentation and sophistication of this website would be commendable. In terms of the price that would be charged monthly, it has been considered to be pretty reasonable.

    It would be for this reason that people have been flocking in crowds to this website. No matter what genre you would like to learn and at which stage, you would have no difficulty in finding it here. JamPlay has really helped in improving skills of a lot of players.


    • There would be something or the other for everyone
    • Extremely polished
    • Chord builders and scale finders
    • Backing tracks in different keys and styles
    • Real-time video chat with instructors.
    • Covers both free online acoustic guitar lessons and electric ones.


    • It tends to focus more on an intermediate level and upwards
    • Not possible to download the clips on your computer or laptop
    • Beginner series has been found to be slightly overwhelming
    • Variance in quality of teaching as it tends to depend largely on the instructor.

    Thus, if you would be looking to brush up your guitar playing skills, this would be the best place. With tons of guitar lessons, a guarantee of getting your money back, reasonable rates, and free trial, there would not be anything that you could want.

    Hence, that would be all regarding best guitar lessons online. By now, you would be able to understand that there would be a lot of benefits from learning guitar online. In addition to saving a lot of money, you would be able to get access to it at your own convenience. Since a lot of them seem to provide the option of downloading the video clips, you would be able to do that and then practice according to your own time. The best part is that you would be receiving your training from some of the top-rated professionals. This would mean that you would really be able to improve your form and become a pro guitarist in no time at all.