How to Find Guitar Chords for any Song

How to find guitar chords for any song

With this post, we will bring together of the best sites to find guitar chords online for nearly any song ever written.  With the hassles of everyday life you might feel weary and need to strum away on your guitar alone or jamming with friends to clear your head.  Playing the guitar is one excellent way to relax after long day at work or when out on a camping trip with friends and family. Without the chords and tabs for your favorite song, it may be quite difficult to try and play it.

Playing around with your old family guitar, you might have discovered your love for the instrument and ever since you haven’t looked back.  But if you have learnt anything about learning the guitar online or with an instructor is that practice nears perfect and hopefully also that the secret is to keep growing. If you stick to your first song, you might not challenge yourself to grow as a guitarist. Since no two songs are alike, you want to know how many songs you can play with say three or four chords you learnt in your first class.  And where better to learn how to play guitar than the World Wide Web? With all the work stuff you can do on the web, it might as well be your go to place to celebrate your love of music.

We all have that one song we always wanted to learn how to play and could almost see ourselves on stage performing it.  Learning the guitar, we practice smart on a number of masterpieces but still they may good but not like the greatest jam of all time. With guitar chords websites, you just might be lucky to find chords and tabs for your favorite song and change your musical life forever.

So the next time you need to step away from your desktop, maybe the best move is to stick around and visit a guitar chords website. Not only will you find some of the best lessons online but also learn to play your favorite songs within a short time so you can fully enjoy your guitar ownership experience.

We have crisscrossed the web hunting down the best sites providing guitar for different songs and genres to compile this list with details of each site in brief.

  • Chordie starts off our list and rightfully so because it is one of the most reliable guitar chords collections available online. Almost every song you can stumble upon and hopefully your favorite song too. Their search function features search by artist or by song titles which makes it easier to find songs from all your favorite artists in one go. If you decide to give chordae a try, you will profit from engaging with their vast online community of guitar enthusiasts who can offer support on issues you might dealing with.  A great place to hear other guitarists’ stories and hear and appreciate good music and guitar tricks and techniques.

You will love that the music and chords that are presented at the website are well vetted and verified to be accurate. Even when you can’t seem to find the chords for a song anywhere else on the web, chordie might just give you the pleasant surprise of presenting them to you.

In summary, here are the pros and cons of as a source of guitar chords online.


  • Tons of lyrics and chords for you to learn and practice
  • Alternative fingerings for each chord
  • Automated transposition
  • Editable content
  • Sharable content
  • Auto scroll feature allows you to read while reading along
  • Access to the original source


Chordie works just like a search engine for chords, as such, quality of chords may vary dependent on sources and so you might have to correct some minor problems with chords once you add them in your songbook. Having to sort through user posted chords to ascertain which one are accurate and which might contain errors is a major disadvantage even though it offers the diversity of sources.

How to find guitar chords for any song

  • The ultimate guitar collection

The Ultimate Guitar is our second guitar resource website but it is equally populated with all songs and chords you need to strum the night away. Unique to ultimate guitar is the clean and neat well thought out layout that makes the site super easy to use. Here, you can also find descriptive music reviews and engaging interviews.

Ultimate guitar presents a top 100 songs searched on the website and it’s the highlight of the website. The top 100 section makes it easier for you to rediscover your favorite radio songs. A great way to discover and play new music like a pro is to visit ultimate guitar.

Most songs listed with ultimate guitar also come with tabs also which makes it easier to tell which fret for every strum.

Overall, ultimate guitar is a well-organized and well written site with tons of information on guitar playing and latest guitar news.

The bad

Ultimate guitar collections website has non-responsive customer service which is less than expected for a non-free website for guitar resources. Also, they seem to be better at guitar tabs than anything else and ought to focus more on that area.

  • E-chords is yet another favorite hangout for guitar enthusiasts hunting down the latest popular guitar chords. Much to the delight of its users, E-chords is a modern website with lots of functionality. Their search feature allows you to sort through artists, albums and song titles so you can search for related pieces of music or from your favorite album. Even better, you can search with just a line in the lyrics of the songs.

This site is not backed with a huge online fraternity as other hangouts of guitar enthusiasts. With interaction with this platform you can enjoy listening and playing your favorite songs in different styles. The entire website is like a cool web based application for viewing and playing music with lyrics and corresponding guitar chords. The auto scroll feature adds to the ease of use while there are a number of other useful features like altering fonts  and hiding chords.

  • Heartwood Guitar Instruction may not have the giant galore of guitar chords of a site like say chordie, it is still one of the best paces to learn playing guitar online. Developed by Rob Hampton from Seattle, the site contains hundreds of classics listed according to the alphabet.

On the heartwood site, you can easily locate chords by clicking on the chords charts on the homepage. It is an impressive online resource and a go to for classics. The structure of the website is intuitive and well thought out. The cool features of the website are a highlight of the website which also offers free instructions. It is recommendable for beginners looking for a one stop website for chords, lyrics and lessons. Lessons are offered on Hampton’s blog with images to enhance learning experience

Guitar chords for songs are a huge online fraternity of musicians where beginners and pro guitarists can immerse themselves in learning and playing good music. The site also features a top 100 section where you can find chords for the most popular pieces

This site has a seriously a huge community where you can not only discover the guitar chords for songs, but you can absolutely immerse yourself into the world of music as you’re learning to play new songs.

 The ultimate best site for free guitar chords online

With these top websites for finding almost any guitar chord online, we bring to close our list of best websites for guitar chords. We try to put as much detail as possible in each of our posts but just the same, sometime we may overlook some important feature or interesting fact about a service.  Please feel free to add on to our research, correct or even suggest a top resource you found useful in the comments section below.

Whether it’s for leisure, just to break free from your computer screen or you are learning to develop your music career, a trip to these sites will help make your time more productive. It’s a bit of an ironical twist to things that you have to go back online for an enjoyable experience during your off time but it really works.

Final verdict

Well, there you have it, some of the top websites with resources for guitarists and guitar chords in particular. The absolute best website for chords depends on your taste. It would suffice to say that no one site has all the songs ever written but there might be one out there with all the songs you and your friends love to jam with. Try outing these sites or at least starting there. Make use of the free features first before paying for any subscription and be the judge of the quality of each site.

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