How To Tune A Guitar By Ear

How to tune a guitar by ear

Today there are endless technological devices created to tune a string, but those who learn how to tune a guitar by ear with their ears develop their hearing better and can identify when someone is out of tune much faster. This is a tool that will accompany you and serve you at any time. Also, being the one who tunes on your own always makes an impression on the rest. You can take this as a challenge or just leave it as a new experience; however, any reason is good to learn something new.

Get a Tuning Fork

No matter how good your musical ear is, you always need to have a reference of a correctly tuned note to use it as a reference. When you have the first note and you tune that string, you can start tuning the rest. It becomes a chain reaction and in a very short time, you will have a tuned guitar. It’s amazing how some people depend so much on technology that they are unable to solve a simple problem without technological tools. You can be better than this, but you will have to commit to your practices.

Harmonics Are Another Way of Tuning

It’s a very characteristic sound and if you learn it you’ll be able to tune all the strings, but the trick is to know which strings are tuned first. When you master this form of tuning you don’t even need a whistle or tuning fork, you just need a little bit of patience to get everything ready. This is not an infallible method, especially if you are not prepared to recognize sounds. If you want to start with physical support is perfectly understandable.

Be Careful With The Pegs

When you’re learning something new, you may tend to get stressed out and stop worrying about anything other than doing your job. If you’re having trouble tuning without an electric tuner, it’s best to pause and relax because the same stress could cause you to break a string due to excessive tension or damage to the pins. This happens because you are so determined to achieve something that you don’t realize what you’re doing and you fail. The best thing to do the first few times is to do it under the supervision of someone who has already tuned a string by ear.

How To Tune A Guitar By Ear

There’s no way to do it fast and it’s very likely that at first, you’ll feel frustrated at not being able to do it, but as you progress and keep trying you’ll be able to master the sound. We recommend that you try at least three times before returning with the electric tuner and that you try every time you grab your guitar, this way you can move forward and get closer to the goal. Don’t worry if at the beginning it is not what you were expecting, because never is and that’s ok too.

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