Jamplay vs Guitartricks

If you are a music lover and thinking of learning an instrument, Guitar’s can be the best option for you. It is cheap, takes up minimal space, and you can learn it easily.

We live in a digital world, where plenty of options are available for us to learn how to play guitar from basics to the advanced level. However, the top three sites which are popular on the internet are “Jamplay,” “GuitarTricks” and “Justinguitar.” But Jamplay vs. Guitartricks is trending in present day scenario.

Given below is a detailed list of every site with their pro’s & con’s to give you a better understanding of them and to make it easier for you to choose.

JamPlay vs Guitartricks review

Which site is best for learning guitar? Let’s have a look!

Jamplay.com and GuitarTricks.com are the big online guitar lesson website. It is tricky to decide on which one you should join. Because they are very similar in many respects. Thus a side-by-side comparison between the two can help.

Jamplay Review

JamPlay is the second largest website for an online guitar lesson. It offers training for beginners, intermediate, as well as advanced guitarists. If you want to play guitar, JamPlay is great for you. In this JamPlay review, you will be able to know whether it is your perfect match or not.
On JamPlay, lessons available are divided up into “3 phases” namely:
• Phase 1: Beginners These are Lessons meant for the guitarist who is a beginner
• Phase 2: Genre Teaching – Lessons meant for the intermediate to the advanced guitarists, you will be taught different playing styles
• Phase 3: Learning Songs –You can Learn to play songs in all music styles
Features of Jamplay
• There is a Full guitar chord library
• The Instructors will regularly answer regular questions via video
• Social network-like way of interacting with other members
• Active forum, live support chat
• New lessons made available weekly
Pros of learning guitar from Jamplay
• There is a huge database for the video lessons which are suitable for the beginner to the advanced guitarists.
• There is a well-structured database for the lessons.
• There are daily Live lessons
• Discount coupons available.
• Videos and tools not downloadable, as with their main competitor, GuitarTricks.
• Some older videos are lower quality.
• A few of the instructors are not as good as the others.

JamPlay Coupon

JamPlay price is competitive, they are offering two promotional codes that are useful for extra discount.
You will enter the code 33C6CE for 10% Off All Memberships.
You will also enter the code 1BA1E2 for 25% off the first month of a monthly membership.
Jamplay Free Trial
Jamplay provides a 7-day free trial at no cost. Also, there exists JamPlay bundles, Christmas bundles and monthly giveaways that will give you additional jam tracks and premium courses for free.
About Jamplay App: Android and ios supported
If you want to learn on the go, the mobile app is a lot more convenient than the website. You can get it for iOS and Android devices and even kindle tablets.
JamPlay leads the way as Compared to other online lesson sites when it comes to mobile apps, this allows you to take your lessons with you wherever you go.
They provide both an iOS app and Android app which is compatible with iPods, iPads, and iPhones.
JamPlay is compatible with all systems, thus you will be good to go. Good news for bassists as JamPlay provides several bass lessons in a JamPlay bass review. However, to access these bass lessons, you are required to have a separate subscription.
Jamplay Cost
There is no varying membership structure, only one monthly price of $19.95 for full membership exists. This is working out at 67 cents only a day. They also offer a full money-back guarantee, should you change your mind within the first week.
There is now also a way to pay $159.95 per year, this offers a 33% saving above the monthly fee. This is a good price if you are in it for the long run. In addition, if you are really serious, you can also sign up for a ‘Year Pro’ subscription for $299.95, offering one-on-one consultation and a haul of other goodies.
As for bassists, instead of guitar for the same price ($19.95 for 30 days) or $159.95 for the full year, you can purchase a bass subscription.


Guitar Tricks review

On the other hand, guitar tricks can also teach you a range of music, ranging from acoustics, Jazz metal to rocking sounds. If you are considering getting a membership for GuitarTricks, you should be aware of a few things first. Here are some of the major points that I have found while doing research to write this in-depth guitartricks review.

Features of Guitar trick online lesson subscription

Here are just a few of the features GuitarTricks has to offer:

–“Core Learning System”

– Over 400 Authentic Song Lessons

– 8,000+ and growing library of online guitar lessons

– Supplemental Material for every lesson, including TABs

– Over 40 Instructors to pick from- Making finding a great match simple!

– Jam Track Library with over 100 different tracks to choose from

– Expansive Chord and Scale finder

– Customizable Metronome

– Dozens of genres to pick from, such as Blues, Country, Rock, Metal, and Jazz

– And many other great features!

Pros of GuitarTricks

  • The videos in Guitartricks are overwhelming. They have thousands of lessons with simplicity and different styles.
  • You will be able to navigate for different guitar lessons quite comfortably.
  • Videos on this site are downloadable, and you can get a different video player to play those videos.
  • Guitartricks provide their services at an affordable price which can be managed by the majority of the people. They also provide a 14-days free lesson for the ones who use guitar tricks free trial offer.
  • Guitar tricks discount is available plenty of times to benefit their customers with budgeting guitar learning. If you want to start learning without spending any money, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest guitar tricks coupon.

Cons of GuitarTrick

There are some of the old guitar lessons which are of no use in the present-day world. Roughly 4% of videos were found in that categoryBut comparing the guitar tricks cost, these very low number of old basic guitar lessons seems to be ok.

Thus, if we compare Guitar tricks vs. Jamplay; clearly, Guitartricks is a winner out there.

Guitar tricks for beginners

Guitar tricks for beginners are devoted to beginning guitar players, and for those who have never held a pick. It is recommended that you follow a consecutive order. This will enable you to build a solid foundation first.

Guitar Tricks Free Trial

Guitar Tricks offer a 14-day free trial. This allows you to test thoroughly the platform. Hence provides a risk-free means of checking if the lesson styles and format suit you and whether the full membership is worthy. You are given access to everything that a full member would, free for two weeks.

Guitar Tricks App

Guitar Tricks offers a free Android and iOS app, This enables you to enjoy lessons on the go. The free version of guitar tricks app offers several free lessons, but you have limited choices. However, you will have access to all the content Guitar Tricks is offering if you become a full member by upgrading.

Guitar tricks: Best Guitar Apps for Android Free Download

If you have bought a brand new guitar or maybe you have been playing the same one for years, do you know that there are tons of best guitar apps for android free download for your guitar? There are many apps that can help in improving your experience with the guitar. They include Guitar Tricks, Jamplay, Fendplay,  CieraClub Tuner, GuitarPro, The Metronome by Sound Brenner, Reverb

Guitar Lessons



WebSiteWebsiteGet GT 14 days trial

Rating: 98.2%

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Online Videos
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Online Videos
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Video Quality

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Extremely High

Total Lessons

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8,000 Lessons
1,000+ Hours


80 Teachers

45 Teachers

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$0.03 / Lesson

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30-Day, 100%
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Jamplay vs Guitartricks: Which Is Better?

I can confidently say that GuitarTricks is great to learn guitar

GuitarTricks is better than JamPlay because:

  • Most guitar tools and video lessons are downloadable, this is nice when you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Longer refund period, so you have more time to evaluate it and see if you like it.