Jamplay vs Guitartricks

If you are a music lover and thinking of learning an instrument, Guitar’s can be the best option for you. It is cheap, takes up minimal space, and you can learn it easily.

We live in a digital world, where plenty of options are available for us to learn how to play guitar from basics to the advanced level. However, the top three sites which are popular on the internet are “Jamplay,” “GuitarTricks” and “Justinguitar.” But Jamplay vs. Guitartricks is trending in present day scenario.

Given below is a detailed list of every site with their pro’s & con’s to give you a better understanding of them and to make it easier for you to choose.

JamPlay vs Guitartricks review

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Jamplay Review

JamPlay provides you with a list of phases related to guitar learning which can make you a master in guitar learning. They provide three phases, namely Fundamental basics for novices, Style training and lastly the Learning on how to play famous songs.

You will be amazed by Jamplay’s website outlook. The site enables you to move with each tutorial sensibly and peacefully.

Jamplay varieties of music:

  • Acoustic
  • Bluegrass
  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Funk
  • Jazz
  • Surf
  • Rock
  • World

Pros of Jamplay

  • Searching and playing your favorite music is very much easy.
  • Varied in every skill level, making it useful for any guitarist.
  • Allows an affordable price, i.e., only $12 a month with an annual membership. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest jamplay discount coupons.

Cons of Jamplay

  • At this time, more than 40 instructors are available which can be a bit confusing for people to which one to go for.
  • Videos and tools are not downloadable.


Guitar Tricks review

On the other hand, guitar tricks can also teach you a range of music, ranging from acoustics, Jazz metal to rocking sounds. Here are some of the major points that I have found while doing research to write this in-depth guitartricks review.

Pros of GuitarTricks

  • The videos in Guitartricks are overwhelming. They have thousands of lessons with simplicity and different styles.
  • You will be able to navigate for different guitar lessons quite comfortably.
  • Videos on this site are downloadable, and you can get a different video player to play those videos.
  • Guitartricks provide their services at an affordable price which can be managed by the majority of the people. They also provide a 14-days free lesson for the ones who uses guitar tricks free trial offer.
  • Guitar tricks discount is available plenty of times to benefit their customers with budgeting guitar learning. If you want to start learning without spending any money, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest guitar tricks coupon.

Cons of GuitarTrick

There are some of the old guitar lessons which are of no use in the present-day world. Roughly 4% videos were found in that categoryBut comparing the guitar tricks cost, these very low number of old basic guitar lessons seems to be ok.

Thus, if we compare Guitar tricks vs. Jamplay; clearly, Guitartricks is a winner out there.

Jamplay vs. Justinguita

Nothing in this world is free. The cases may be rare where things are given for free, and it majorly happens on the Internet.

Whenever somebody tries to give any product or service for free, there is certainly something which they will try and sell you. This is an exact thing which came to my mind when I was researching on different guitarist lessons.

One of the major differences between Jamplay and Justinguitar is that the Jamplay is a paid membership website while the Justinguitar offers free lessons.

Is Justin guitar free

Accessing this website is free, but it asks if you can donate or not. The other thing which one will find is the number of products, DVDs, and books promoted on the website. A beginner who will be tempted by this site can buy those books and DVDs for enhancing his skills.

Thus, if we think technically, this site is free, but you will have to purchase if you want to enhance your guitar skills to an extraordinary level.

Hence, if you can go for a professionalism guitar learning, better go for jamplay else Justin guitar is a good option for plenty of beginners who are new to the guitar learning world.

In the case of Guitartricks vs. Justinguitar, Guitartricks will be a more professionalism option to go for because of their sites popularity and efficient services.

Thus, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced, knowing which site will be good for you is a difficult task.

Go through the above points and discover the amazing pros & cons. It will help you in deciding which option is best suited for you in the world of enchanting guitar learning.