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Hello, and welcome to Findbestguitarlessonforbeginners.com

The core reason why I created this website is to make a platform where I can share my knowledge as a guitarist to everyone who wants to enter this beautiful world of music. I have performed in 100+ events as a guitarist and it would have not been possible without my passion for music, specially towards the instrument known as Guitar.

If you are a musician and want to share your music with my readers/community we have a guest post service that you can use. Here are some ground rules that you need to follow before submitting your article for review:

For Guitar chords:

This option is for Bands and musicians who wants to share the guitar chords and tabs with the world so that guitarists from all over the world can easily find the tab to learn your songs. This is a very good opportunity for newbie artists and bands to spread their music on the internet to create a buzz. But before you get all excited please read these few lines:

  • The Article needs to have a few lines as an intro to introduce the band, artist
  • You need to send us the article with proper format so that we can post it on our website
  • Please provide clear tab or notation along the article so that students can easily learn your song. Photos of tabs is not acceptable. Instead of tab, you can also mention/embed video of your song tutorial from youtube as well.
  • The article should focus on teaching the song, not as a promotion of any course. If you have CDs, LPs available on Amazon, you can add the link on your article as well.

For Influencers

Are you in influencer? Do you play guitar and want to get more followers from Google? Then all you need is to create a good piece of content covering what you are up to, details about your upcoming events, and tours. Once done, send that content to us for posting including links to pages where people can book your show, or listen to your music on different platforms. As an influencer, mentioning Instagram links on your content seems to be the best option to get more followers. Here are a few more suggestions to write an amazing content:

  • Be yourself. No one likes an artist who is all about selling his music. If you are true, and have skills people will feel more connected with you. Write like how you talk to your fans in the concert or in a show.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your upcoming shows as possible. Things like location, what songs you will be covering, details about album signing time. This is the section where you make people interested to come to your event.

Before you send us an article do know,

All articles need to go through out editor panel before we can accept it. A publishing fee may be needed to post your desired guest post on our website. If you are interested, email us your article here